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Special Initiatives Fund

This fund serves as the lifeblood of innovation, allowing us to respond to unforeseen challenges and opportunities throughout the year.  When you're unsure about which specific initiative of ours to support, donating to this discretionary fund is a powerful choice. It means you're placing your trust in us to use your contribution where it's needed most—where it can spark meaningful change.  

Donate to our Scholarship Fund

 Our Financial Aid program unleashes the potential of talented, low-income students by empowering them to pursue higher education and break the cycle of poverty. By connecting caring donors with students who need financial support, we cultivate a community invested in expanding access and opportunity. Donors can choose to sponsor students directly or contribute to our general scholarship fund, which distributes awards based on financial need and considers the transformative impact on recipients.

Refurbish Schools & Providing School Supplies

Across Ghana and much of Africa, the state of education infrastructure is dire. Dilapidated schools, with cracked walls, leaking roofs, and inadequate sanitation facilities, are a stark reality for millions of children. This year, we are doubling our efforts in renovating dilapidated public schools in addition to providing much needed educational resources to targeted schools in low income communities.

Building a New Library

At the heart of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to building community libraries that transcend the confines of mere book repositories. These vibrant learning spaces will serve as catalysts for learning, creativity, and connection, fostering a thriving tapestry of knowledge and growth.  Support our vision today.

Testimonials from some of our beneficiaries

I am thankful for this opportunity. I will do my best to make my community proud.

Rabiatu Malik​

2019 Young Star Scholarship Recipient

If you have the capacity to provide mentorship, donations or any particular educational resources for a community, we would love to work with you.